Monday, March 13, 2006


"Hey there!"..someone shouted after her
"Hey hey there..
Don't turn the comely back that way
It sets my lonely heart asway!"
"Hey Juliet! Look - Romeo's here -"
"No No Helen -
This is Paris ! Come to take ya away
just gimme a look..'tll make ma day!"

She looks ahead, and stops she nay
just walks ahead, along her way
but still remembers the day..

Lots of years have passed
Since she was thirteen
Lots of tears have passed
In the time between -
the day she was first 'notice'd
And now.

She moves ahead..She doesn't really care
These cowards now..they don't really scare
But she still remembers :

The first ever time, the first rough stare
And yeah she still swears
at the words he spoke - the goddam bastard dare.

Anyone, anytime
one a penny, ten a dime
In a queue, on a road
In the bus or tram aboard
On a turning, in a mall
Come one come all
see her, shout at her:
"hey there! hey hey there!"

she'd been frightened then and ran ahead
or squirmed in her place, hanging down her head...

Guess that's what has given her those blood-shot eyes now

Oh, she's turned around ..gun in hand, and a nasty eyebrow
Guess she's got'em in a shot -
They've gotta pay for all the past ones somehow!


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