Monday, August 27, 2007

Stairway to Heaven

Dear little big brother, I've been meaning to write this down ere long.
If you meant what I now think you meant when you posted those lyrics, then this is my answer.
If not, even then - this is my answer.


What the lady’s actually sure about
Is that all that glitters is pretty
And it’s natural for her to shout out
A salutation to its beauty.

Gold, brass or a plastic sequin
She doesn’t care a bit
There goes her palanquin –
She herself carries it

“oh yes, I do want to buy a stairway
and the heaven too, if I dare say”
She displays a saintly smile (I know she can act)
And makes sure you take her as a matter of fact

When all the while she’s looking at her feet
Hidden by the lustrous frill beneath
The feet that keep running under the palanquin
The feet oft weighed down by the tears within

For yes, the day is long
Long as the shadows that the drowning sun casts
And the faces are long
Long as the pangs of fear and hunger last

We both of us try hard to listen to the tune
And then find, to our joy and dismay
There’s a heaven, a definite heaven near moon
But there’s certainly no stairway.

Then a voice that goes:
“ Oh yes my dear, there _is_ a stairway
and I can surely give it away –
The price, my dear, is quite neat
I’ll just need your prancing feet.”