Tuesday, February 27, 2007

सेन्स ऐन्ड सेन्सिबिलिटी

"अरे वाह रूपा, झुमके बडे अच्छे लग रहे हैंं.."
मेरा मित्रता प्रदर्शित करनेवाला सामान्य अभिप्राय.
कमरे में झाडू लगाते लगाते वह ठहर जाती है
झुमके उतार कर मेरे हाथ में रखती है..
"अच्छे लगें? लीजिये ना..अप पे बहुत जचेंगे."
मैं लज्जित होती हूं -
उसकी उदारता से भी और अपनी दखियानूसी से भीे,
जो मेरे पीछे 'एस्थेटिक सैन्स?' की सी कुछ बात फुसफुसाती है!

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

'pressed memory.

No, I'm not afraid that you'll forget me.
If there's a thing that makes me shiver
Then it's a thought that came to me
In a pitch-black dream at the wee-hour:

"You'll remember me
As a cold snow-flower
Which didn't pay heed
to your respectful declaration.
And then...
you'll keep a warm sister of mine
in your diary
as a remembrance
of my stubbornness
(You called it 'dignity' once
...or did I?)
And of your patient maturity."

I would have liked to think
that I feel pity for the flower you plucked.
But I know you didn't -
one warm breezy day
during your afternoon walk
it landed on your head, gently, unasked.

So all I am sad about
Is that I would have liked
My memory in your thought
Not to be so two-dimensional!